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Boondock, Morgans, Avatar, Cafe

Not much other than movies this week, three in the theater and one on DVD. Though: heartfelt thanks to everyone who commented on my "Alicorn" story; I just wish I knew who wrote the unsigned comment.

"Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" was silly gun porn. I enjoyed it a great deal more than I expected to, given that the first Boondock movie had left me VERY cold (though I was half asleep when I watched it; I may have to try again).

"Did You Hear About the Morgans?" is a mediocre movie with an AWFUL title. I like Hugh Grant; I generally dislike Sarah Jessica Parker. I generally liked Parker better in this film, which should give you an idea about how disconnected Hugh Grant was.

"Avatar" is great. It is beautiful, well executed, and the closest thing to hard science fiction I have seen on a movie screen in a LONG time (Ok, the flying islands were unforgivable. But they looked cool.) We saw the 2D version, but I am told the 3D is restrained and tasteful, which is a nice change.

"The Girl in the Cafe" is a 2005 Bill Nighy vehicle by writer Richard Curtis. It would seem to be an effort to use romantic comedy to call attention to global hunger and poverty, and fails at nearly every point. The movie's humor is of the "blink and you will miss it" variety, the romance produces the movie's best moments but is ultimately tragic, and the politics are both heavy-handed and simple-minded.

Uncle Hyena
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