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Holiday, Holmes, Air

Movies first:

"Sherlock Holmes" is a hoot. People tend to forget that Doyle's Holmes really WAS a superhero (even though most of the action was off stage in Doyle's stories), and this silly but wonderful movie brings that back full force. It is just FUN.

"Up in the Air" is one of those movies that can be saved by an emergency phone call (in the manner of "Brazil" or "Pay it Forward"). That is, if you have to leave the theater about 15 minutes before the movie ends, you will like come away with the impression that it was a good movie, and you will remember liking what you saw. Unfortunately, if you watch the thing to the end, you will be depressed and wish you had watched something else. George Clooney is wonderful, and the movie has a daffiness that is charming right up until everything falls apart.

The holiday... I worked, of course. Dementia and I had our usual quiet celebration. The star of the day was Dementia's latest secret project, a hyena sock puppet. While "Scam" is not quite as magical as Rook the Sock Gnoll from two years ago, it was still pretty special, and a lot of fun. I have been hauling him around and showing him off to random acquaintances, who would no doubt question my sanity if that boat had not already sailed.



On the 26th, there was a family gathering at Brother Pete's house in Tinley Park, with 13 of the 15 members of clan there. My mother is past awareness of holidays, and niece Beth was off in Spokane accepting a marriage proposal. There was good pizza, and it was, for the most part, a very good time.

The one wrong note in the day was the fact that two of my relatives separately asked Dementia how her job search was going. She shrugged and changed the subject, and then came apart some time later on the drive home. At this point, this kind of question is emotionally equivalent to asking a terminal cancer patient if he is still dying. If there is good news, we will tell you. Otherwise, PLEASE don't ask.

Uncle Hyena
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