Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Ugh Monster Ideas

One: From Khenn:

1. Have a Quit while you're still winning option.
2. Have the monsters drop treasure when defeated, but not if they join you.
3. Let treasure won be used to hire other monsters. Wages = monster rating in gold pieces per combat. Thus to hire a M.R. 7 little lizard, it would cost 7 g.p. to buy his loyalty. Thus, you would need a pay monsters segment of the game after each combat.

4. Keep a list of guest appearances by other members of Trollhalla by number of times they appeared. If one Trollhallan defeated another, that should be recorded also. It could turn into free tvp, as Trollgod would go thru once a week or so and award tvp for appearing in other people's games.

5. When you chat with the ugh monsters have them say something? How hard would it be to compile a database of monster quips and attach a random quote to each ugh monster that talks. Maybe even arrange a series of riddles. The monster will only join your party if you can answer the riddle correctly. (Yes, Khayd'haik, I know, it would be real hard, but I bet we could get the members of Trollhalla to find or make monster quotes and riddles for you. You would only have to put them in the database, arrange for randomization, and printout during each encounter.)

6. Have a Maguffin or series of them. Instead of "another ugh monster approaches" you'd get something like "you find a haystack" Search it? Yes/No. Saving roll on Luck. Made it. You find a needle that gives you +1D6 in combat.

7. Add some non-hostile encounters. (You meet a wandering animal tamer. Would you like to buy a pet hippopotamus for 200 gold pieces? These pets could then fight for you.) All kinds of friendly vendors might appear on Ugh monster road.

Two: From Khayd'haik:

1. In addition to your Trollhalla character, whose advancement is controlled by your activities on Trollhalla, you could also build up a stable of additional characters and monsters in the Ugh game. Your Trollhalla character must always go out on any adventuring you do in the Ugh game, but you could take with you any, none, or all of your additional characters and monsters. If any of your additional characters / monsters died, you'd lose them, but there would be a way in the game to go back to your "keep" and stash any characters / monsters for later use. These additional characters / monsters would earn adventure points within the Ugh game, and you could level them up and equip them. If they are spellcasters, they can learn spells.

2. Each Trollhalla member could have a "keep," as mentioned above. In this keep, you can stash characters, monsters, equipment, gold, magic items, and whatever else we decide to have in the game. I wouldn't want to allow other players to attack / invade your keep; so whatever you stash in your keep would be absolutely safe. Khenn's "Quit while you're winning" option would be the option to go back to your keep. Once you make it back to your keep, your scores are checked to see if they are your new high scores. If you die on an adventure, your scores will not, no matter how high they got during the adventure, replace your current high scores. When you go into your keep, your scores update the database and then reset to 0, so you can then go back out and try to reach a new high score.

3. Have the difficulty of your foes dependent on where you go, not how many battles you've previously won. I don't know if a map is feasible or necessary, but there should be some idea of your going further away from your keep or getting closer to it. Something like in "Phantom's Bane" might work, where you can head into the forest and travel so many cliques away, or you can leave by one of the town gates and head along the road to another town. There's an idea of how far you've gone, without there being an explicit map. In "Phantom's Bane," you have to "unlock" certain features as you progress in the game; you aren't allowed to leave town through certain gates until you attain a certain degree of capability. What lies beyond those gates are tougher monsters and the ability to find or buy better equipment. While it doesn't have to be exactly the same thing in Ugh, I do like the idea of making things easier the closer you are to your keep (or some base), and tougher as you go further away.

4. Side adventures, maybe even beyond what Khenn was thinking with his "Maguffins." I'd like to include what basically would amount to solo adventures as part of the new game. I'd like Trollhalla members to submit short solo adventures to me for incorporation into the game. I could also include dungeons that are mapped out in three dimensions (I did this in the T&T side of the "Legend of the Green Dragon" game available here on the Trollhalla site, but I don't know how much the mapped dungeons were appreciated in the Trollhalla version of LotGD. I don't even know how much the T&T side of the LotGD game was played or appreciated. It was a bit difficult to get to, I admit.)

5. A much more extensive list of spells available for use in the game.

6. Special abilities for monsters.

7. Special abilities for character kindreds.

8. I've never really cared for PvP in online games. Actually, I rather hate it the way it is typically implemented in browser based games. PvP in browser based games is so heavily biased towards the attacker. The defender seldom gets to have any choice in how to defend. But maybe we could do something along the lines of what Khenn suggests about encountering other Trollhalla members. I'll have to think about it.
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