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Leap, Youth, Daybreak, Victoria, Imaginarium

It is day four of the annual seven consecutive twelve hour day siege. It wears on me more every year.

I saw five movies last week (not THAT unusual), and Dementia accompanied me for four of them (which is pretty peculiar). Some of them were good.

"Leap Year" is a pretty flat romantic comedy. Romantic comedies are SUPPOSED to be formulaic, but they are NOT supposed to be nothing more than a string of random cliches. This one comes close to that. In addition... Amy Adams is REALLY GOOD at being adorable; she has based her career on just that. In this film, she plays a RomCom stock character: She is supposed to start out anal-retentive and hyper-kinetic, and gradually turn into a human being. This is NOT my favorite approach to romantic comedy, but it is apparently easy to sell. Adams fails to make the first half of that character work, this time around.

"Youth in Revolt" is sort of high-brow parody of a low-brow teen sex romp, with a side order of surreality. It sort of works, sort of.

"Daybreakers" has one of the stupidest premises in the history of cinema. If you can manage to get past that (and it is hard), it has a wonderful film noir atmosphere, and a pretty interesting story. But you have to get past the monumentally stupid premise, first. (Apparently the film makers felt they were saying something about environmental abuse, but the message goes no further than metaphorically stating the problem, which is pretty useless; anyone capable of understanding the problem already KNOWS.)

"The Young Victoria" is a pretty decent biopic. It takes some liberties with history (Albert was never, EVER wounded while defending Victoria from an assassin. Really.) but catches the essence of the characters fairly well, I think. Again, if you like this sort of thing, you will like this. We did.

"The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" is a Terry Gilliam movie. It is not as not as much fun as "Time Bandits"; it is not as dreary as "Brazil"; it is not as disjointed as "Baron Munchausen". It holds together amazingly well in spite of the extremely inconvenient death of one of the major actors. And Lily Cole is, as the script so aptly points out, scrumptious.

In other news... Dementia endured some casual abuse at the hands of an incompetent recruiter earlier this week, and I spent a bit of time this morning wandering around in frozen fog: the air was full of ice crystals that were too small to fall as the first light of dawn gradually turned the sky from black to leaden gray. Utterly magical.

Uncle Hyena
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