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Long overdue update...

The annual seven consecutive twelve-hour day siege lasted nine days. I still haven't quite recovered...

Dementia had an appointment to get two new tattoos on Friday, January 23, at 11:00 AM, and I didn't get off work, at the end of Day Nine, until noon, so we ended up in Antioch in two cars. She got her tattoos, we saw a movie, had a meal, and came home. On Saturday we saw two more movies, and then met Dementia's parents for a last meal before they moved to Idaho. We lead such an exciting life...

Anyway... Seven movies in two weeks, as follows.

"Extraordinary Measures" is pretty good and not nearly as maudlin as it might have been, due largely to the charisma of its stars. Still, my heartless inner accountant could not help but be horrified at the waste involved in keeping these hideously crippled children alive. NO ONE is worth $300,000 a year in drug therapy (to say nothing of day to day care costs). Not me, not you, not anybody.

"The Book of Eli" looked really good in the trailers, and then sounded really stupid once the critics let a few critical details leak, and turned out to be closer to the trailers. We enjoyed it quite a bit. It turns out that the identity of the book matters much less than you would have thought.

"Legion" is a flawed but enjoyable shoot-em-up horror thing. It promises little, and lives up to expectations.

"The Lovely Bones" is a generally well made movie that wants to have something to say, but never really decides what that might be. If the design intention was to leave the audience bewildered, it succeeded. Otherwise, not so much.

"The Spy Next Door" begins with a montage of Jackie Chan doing Jackie Chan stuff while wearing a tuxedo, while Johnny Rivers sings "Secret Agent." The movie would have had to have been pretty terrible to ruin my mood after that, and it wasn't. And then they used the same song for the end title, over the usual out-takes. The movie in between was pretty good, too.

"The Tooth Fairy" is not quite hopelessly lame. It is occasionally funny, not too irritating, and features a seafoam green Fender Stratocaster (Once again: Fender Stratocasters are fundamentally cool; seafoam green is fundamentally boring. The combination is... weird.). Ruminating about the guitar kept my brain busy during the worst of the mindlessness, and I don't regret seeing the film. Quite.

"When in Rome" is an upper-mediocre romantic comedy. The plot is pretty well structured, once you get past the fact that it is driven my a magical fountain in Rome, and the scene where they EXPLAINED the nature of the magic fountain somehow got CUT from the final version. That sort of thing always makes me sad, because it implies there was a better movie waiting to be made that got mangled in conflict between the writer, the director, and the editor. Still, this result is tolerable.

Uncle Hyena
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