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Edge, Crazy, Nikki, Poker, Blackmail, Drudgery, Bigotry

Two weeks since the last update. Life has been like that.

I got off work on Wednesday, 2/3, and went out to see "Edge of Darkness". It is a mediocre thriller based on a 1985 BBC mini-series. The story did not make the transition well; the original had supernatural overtones, was 330 minutes long, and was set in Thatcher's England. I was sufficiently intrigued that I may seek out the original, but this bastardization didn't work very well.

On Thursday I had dinner with the incomparable Nikki, which was wonderful as always. The usual hyperbolic conversation took place. Nikki pointed out that our friendship has now spanned half of her life, which is both wonderful and kind of frightening.

On Friday I went south, visited my mother, had dinner with my dad, and played in one of brother Pete's poker tournaments. There was a baby blizzard while I was there, and I spun out badly (fortunately with no damage) between my dad's and Pete's. That has NEVER happened in the RAV before, and it unnerved me. The poker game went pretty well; I had my best finish ever, though still out of the money. I suppose I would do better if I cared about winning...

On Saturday we hunted down "Crazy Heart", the latest variation on the "last gasp of a washed up minor celebrity" theme. The genre produces great performances and decent, if depressing, movies; this was no exception.

On Sunday I went back to work, and a combination of circumstances turned my scheduled four twelve hour days into TEN twelve hour days, of which I have nearly finished eight. I get enough sleep; this job is not physically demanding, and yet I am EXHAUSTED, and suffering occasional (very minor) attacks of the stoopids. I am REALLY looking forward to Wednesday...

Finally... We are all guilty of bigotry from time to time; I try to root it out of myself, and tolerate it within reason in others. Recently, a friend-- someone I have known for years, and am quite fond of-- demonstrated shrill, obnoxious, and self righteous bigotry that I had not previously suspected. It has made me strongly consider allowing the relationship to fade away, and of course made me very, very sad.

Uncle Hyena
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