Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Commemorating Twelve Years of Abject Failure...

...to sleep with a woman less than half my age (since it's been legal).

In more straightforward and less twisted terms, it is my 48th birthday. Yay, me.

Also congratulations to celeloriel for simultaneously becoming ineligible to help me attain the above mentioned pathetic life goal (in other words... No, you figure it out; it isn't hard).

Nothing of great import going on; I have redesigned the silly porch again, and my head is full of plans for remodeling/repairing the house as soon as the weather breaks, also to build at least one simple boat (most likely an ugly square thing to be christened "Dead Weight" which will serve as a test bed for some of my stranger ideas, and also let me practice my carpentry). The longer term, serious boat project (likely to be christened "Sobecca") will follow as opportunity presents itself.

I spent about three hours on the phone with CeeCee the other night, which was fun if not particularly prudent. One thing she asked me is why I (we) go to so many movies, when I don't really seem to enjoy it much, given my recent reviews.

The answer is that the reviews are not, strictly speaking, my direct opinion; they have been filtered through what I perceive as a more general aesthetic sensibility; left to my own devices, I am a movie slut and can enjoy pretty much anything. This extends to the point that I have always disliked MST3K because even the worst movie is NOT improved by the prattle of the detractors. Just sitting in the dark alone (or with Dementia, in whose presence I can be alone if I choose to) and being outside myself for a couple of hours is nearly always worth it. Now there have certainly been occasions when I have wished I were watching something else showing at the same cinema complex, and there have been many movies that have helped to convince me that the movie industry is collectively insane, but there have been very few movies that I have actually regretted seeing.

Certainly there have been movies, like "American Beauty", that have struck me as hopelessly toxic and evil, and wishing they had never been made (which is not the same as wishing I had not seen them). But on the other hand, there have been many more movies that have reached in, ripped my heart out, and left me overwhelmingly glad to be alive.

Which brings us to this weekend's offerings. Friday we saw "Twisted", a cop thriller starring Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, and Andy Garcia. Well acted, engaging characters, interesting plot, decent if somewhat predictable ending.

On Saturday we saw "Hidalgo", which is one of those wonderful movies I mentioned above. Viggo Mortensen arrived at the LotR set as the best rider in the cast, and he practiced his riding whenever he could... and now he has made a movie about riding. Breaks my heart. (Disney bills this as "based on a true story", which is true only by the greatest courtesy. The race took place, but there is next to no evidence of it, because it was a BEDOUIN race, organized and run by the wild people of a (then) uncivilized part of the world. Expecting the official records to back it up is like looking for records of a thousand mile endurance race between American Indians in 1830; such a thing might have occurred, but there would be no record. There is a factual story there, but Disney has embellished it into invisibility. In the end, I don't care.) Along the way, we have a fair amount of subtle development on the natures of friendship, loyalty, the way of the warrior, and the Game of Mortal Stakes. In the end, who cares if it's historically accurate? It's TRUE.

"Too much sanity may be madness, and the maddest of all, to see life as it is, and not as it should be." Don Miguel in the character of Don Alonzo...

Uncle Hyena
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