Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

A Pun and a Party

We watched a recent BBC production of "The 39 Steps" this afternoon; the story is set in 1914, and involves chasing German spies around Scotland, vintage espionage pulp. My wife asked me about a very distinctive handgun one of the Germans was using. This led, with a certain inevitable horror, to the following story:

Norman the Necromancer has come up with a new gadget. He took the front half of a dead cat, animated it, and attached it to a four foot pole. He calls it a Broom-Handled Mouser."

In other news (You mean you didn't stop reading after that?), I went to a kegger party on Friday night, the first time I have done such a thing since Oklahoma City in 1986. It was hosted by Tinseltown Denizen Jim, and was a rare chance to see my Tinseltown friends off the clock. I arrived at about 11:45, went through two liters of Coke ((I am MUCH happier paying for beer than having to drink the stuff), had some good conversation, and left at about 3:15. Not my ideal situation, but fun nonetheless, and I am very grateful to Jim for inviting me.

Uncle Hyena
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