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Yesterday was my birthday. I arrived at work and wrote, "Something horrible happened on March 8, 1956." No one noticed it for several hours, when my friend Ed saw it and got the joke. I didn't manage to make a proper journal entry yesterday, which should tell you something.

Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday; it truly was, and is, much appreciated. There seems to be a lot of traffic, that way, in my little corner of cyberspace: Shar (formerly of Tinseltown) and recently re-acquainted long-ago friend Mark on the 7th; longtime LJ friend Kristen, Amber of Tinseltown, and me on the 8th, and junior cousin Kayla on the 9th.

There was no February Depression this year, in spite of my mother's death. I think that perhaps there is just so much background noise that the seasonal issues pale by comparison. It IS a bit weird to think that I am becoming apathetic about my own depression, though; I guess you can adapt to anything.

The day itself... Dementia made me grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and a cherry pie to follow, AND a couple of really cool cards. And she got me a new duffel to replace the bedraggled one I haul back and forth to work. It's a black Sun Chaser from Red Oxx, an amazingly overbuilt piece of canvas with a pretty much unlimited warranty. I have to approve of any product whose warranty explicitly tells you to remember the thing in your will...

The Everglades Challenge started on Saturday, and I very much want to be there. Two of my friends are in it, or were; one ran into trouble, and bailed at the first checkpoint. The other, though, spent last night at Checkpoint 2 (Chokoloskee) and is currently en route to Flamingo. He is cold and exhausted. It is difficult for me to express my envy.

I NEED to do some expedition sailing this year. My head is full of necessary mods to all three my boats. We shall see.

Uncle Hyena
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