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Alice, Brooklyn, Green, Patrick

It's Saint Patrick's Day. Tom has been dead for four years. I wish he had managed to find healing rather than just release.

It's Saint Patrick's Day. I usually wear blue (for Scotland), but today I am wearing black, because I am clueless. When asked, I tell people that I am wearing black for Cornwall, which confuses them enough to leave me alone.


"Alice in Wonderland" is a lot of fun. Dementia and I saw it in 3D (because she had never seen a Read D movie before), and then I saw it again the next day in 2D. 3D is infinitesimally better, but not enough to pay extra for. Generally... this is more loose Carroll fanfic than an actual adaptation of Carroll. I get the impression that the production staff looked at Tenniel's illustrations, read a few of the poems, and then just improvised from there. Still, it is amusing, and Mia Wasikowska's Alice is utterly delightful.

"Brooklyn's Finest" is a run of the mill cop drama/ morality play. It is pretty much exactly what it is advertised as. Unfortunately, it doesn't really have any really likable characters, so the whole thing falls rather flat.

"Green Zone" is a Matt Damon military thriller. Damon is solid in the movie's center, but too much of the film hangs on the audience's supposed shock at the idea that the US government would (GASP!) deliberately lie to its citizens. For anyone with even a passing awareness of political reality, this causes the movie to fall rather flat.

Uncle Hyena
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