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On Wednesday I had lunch with Paul G., and then spent several hours hanging around with Paul and his friend Chris. The usual hyperbolic conversation was had.

On Thursday, I WANTED to go sailing; the weather was great, but I was running a slight fever. I took the middle ground by going into movie slut mode and taking in a showing of "She's Out of My League", which was a good movie for movie slut mode, and not much else.

On Friday, we did a double feature. "The Bounty Hunter" is a pretty flat romantic comedy, made more tolerable by its stars. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't really GOOD...

"RepoMen" is a cyber-punk adventure that has a lot going for it, but ultimately falls apart. Writers should occasionally ask themselves if the story they are telling is worth the time and trouble.

And then on Saturday, we saw "The Runaways", in which (among other things) Kristen Stewart more or less redeems herself for her one note performance in the "Twilight" movies. Of course, it helps that she is playing (in Dementia's words) "one of the coolest people on the planet." Good cast, good performances, decent mid-70s music. Much fun, for certain odd values of fun.

The story goes that Lauren Bacall's granddaughter dragged her to "Twilight", saying it was the best vampire movie ever made. Bacall gave her a copy of Murnau's 1922 "Nosferatu" and told her to watch it.

This led to a short discussion of what was the best vampire movie ever made, short because we both arrived at the same conclusion, with no hesitation: "Fright Night." There is a LOT of competition for second place, but it's a DISTANT second.

Uncle Hyena
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