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Pond, Wimpy, Kick, Poker, Coins, Mark

On Wednesday I did an interstate double feature, on Thursday I mostly blodged; on Friday I went to see my Dad and played in another of brother Pete's poker tourneys; on Saturday we saw anther movie and got together with an old friend we haven't seen in years.


"The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" is an ultra low budget indie horror movie that has some very clever ideas, but just feels amateurish. It is similar in premise to "Jumanji" or "Zathura": A magical board game gets out of control. While those movies are children's adventure stories with considerable humor, "Echo" is focused entirely on horror. I'm glad I saw it, but can't really recommend it.

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" reminded me a great deal of "Where the Wild Things Are", in that it is not really a children's movie; the point of view is adult and nostalgic. It doesn't help that the main character is a narcissistic brat. The best parts-- the only really watchable parts-- of the movie are the scenes involving Chloe Moretz as a sort of middle school guru.

"Kick-Ass" just DOES. Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl completely steals the show as foul-mouthed miniature death engine, but the movie around her does her character justice. If you can't deal with the idea of an eleven year old girl who turns the air blue while shooting and maiming bad guys give you pause, this is not a movie for you. For the vast majority of you (you are MY friends, after all), I can only say, See it.

Poker was merely ok. I rose higher than I had heretofore in the first game before finally flaming out, and then crashed miserably and was first to be eliminated in the second game.

My father and I did the usual conversation and dinner; he is gradually sorting through and thinning out his things. At one point in the afternoon I had a pair of Bricklayer's Union 50 year "gold" cards in my hands; the one my dad got in 2001, and the one that was issued to HIS grandfather in 1938. That was pretty cool; Papa isn't ready to let go of those just yet. I had seen great-grandfather's card once before, back in about 1963... I came away with a small box of buffalo nickels, most of which are so worn they have no date. Those were probably mine, anyway; I collected buffalo nickels when I was small. I also came away with a few Indian Head Pennies, a 1858 Flying Eagle penny that I had never even suspected existed, and some silver dollars (four Morgans and three Peace), which my grandfather had given me originally when I was VERY small. Neat stuff.

On Saturday evening Dementia and I visited my boyhood friend Mark and his family at their home in Algonquin; we hadn't seen Mark in more than a decade, and before THAT not since 1985 or so. It was a good visit, and I hope we can keep communications open this time.

Uncle Hyena
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