Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

List Answers, Texas 200

First of all, remember that list of dates I posted last week? My friend Paul G. managed to ferret out all of the sources, and came close to naming the theme, which was, "Great Moments in Management."

21 January: Execution of Louis XVI of France (1793)
30 January: Execution of Charles II of England (1649)
15 March: Ides of March, Julius Caesar assassinated (44 BC)
15 April: Lincoln dies (1865)
28 April: Mutiny on the Bounty (1789)
14 July: Bastille Day (1789)
14 September: McKinley assassinated (1901)
19 September: Garfield dies (1881)
22 November: Kennedy assassinated (1963)

Then... I have a ride for the Texas 200! I will be one of four men shuffling between two different boats over the course of a five day, 180 mile trip up the Texas Gulf Coast. I am very excited and more than a little apprehensive; we shall see. My companions will include Chuck L, event organizer and builder of both boats, and Jim M, DESIGNER of both boats; pretty heady company. Should be fun...

Uncle Hyena
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