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Wednesday was the 26th anniversary of our first kiss. We usually celebrate that by going to the zoo (which we did on Friday), and it worked out that we did your usual weekend dinner and a movie on Wednesday. Thursday, I REALLY wanted to go sailing (first time EVER for APRIL), but the weather was mediocre, and I was vaguely ill, so I just blodged. On Friday we did the zoo, on Saturday we went down to Highland park for an obscure movie, and on Sunday I hid from the Cleaning Fiend by shifting to Movie Slut mode and watching a couple of things Dementia won't see.


"Oceans" is this year's Earth Day movie, and an improvement on last year's "Earth" by virtue of the fact that no effort was made to add a PLOT to the photography. The entire script consisted of, "We have these cool pictures, and here is a bit of trivia about the critters you are seeing. And since they were REALLY cool pictures, that worked well enough.

"The Joneses" is a strange black comedy with a REALLY absurd premise that ends up working pretty well.

"Furry Vengeance" is a movie full of Three Stooges level slapstick, intercut with reasonably clever trained animal footage. It works moderately well, at least until the screen gets crowded and they start subbing CGI for real footage. Brendan Fraser is charming as always, but the extent to which he has deteriorated in the 13 years since "George of the Jungle" is SCARY. (He has fallen as far between 29 and 42 as I did in a similar period, and that is saying something.)

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" is another horror movie remake. Point by point, the acting and the script and the production are probably all at least slightly better than the original. But the original was NEW.

The Zoo: Our usual zoo is Brookfield. This year, we decided to go north instead of south, and check out the Milwaukee County Zoo. It is smaller and more old fashioned than we are used to, which is to say that the exhibits were designed so that the animals could be SEEN, rather than so that the animals could THRIVE. (I will save the discussion of the complex compromises between exhibition and conservation for another time.) Highlights of this trip were the siamangs and the HYENAS. They have a pair of male hyenas, who happened to be in a large enclosure labeled "African Lion". We got a kick out of that. I have never been closer than 50 feet to a hyena before, and on Friday I was within touching distance (a very thick piece of glass notwithstanding). VERY cool.

Uncle Hyena
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