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Iron, Boat, Tent

First of all, we saw "Iron Man 2" on Friday. It is what a sequel is supposed to be: Same characters (who grow and change a bit), same setting, same level of effects, new story. Someone has apparently FINALLY figured out that sequels do NOT need multiple villains and new and better effects. You should feel pretty much exactly the same about this movie as you did about the first one. Oh, and Scarlett Johansson does a GREAT job as the Black Widow.

I rewired the lighting hook up on the Jeep, which is apparently an annual necessity, and got the oars on the Vector fixed (well, they work; they still need varnish).

And then I set up my twenty year old tent in the living room and slept in it twice. This is not quite as crazy as it sounds. I set up the tent to make sure that all of the parts were still there, and that it was still in good condition (since it hasn't been used since 1991), and left it up to air out. And I slept in it because...

I had three concerns about sleeping on the Texas 200. The first is that I will be without my CPAP; this is unavoidable, and I will just have to adapt. But I hadn't done it in a while, and wanted to get a feel for how well I could sleep without the thing. The second is the heat; I don't sleep well when the temperature is above 68 degrees or so, and it will be in the 90s in Texas. This is unavoidable, but I suspect that fatigue will eventually triumph. The third is that I have not slept in a tent since 1991, and I wondered how that would work out.

It turned out that the self-inflating mattress that I bought a few years ago didn't do the job; I have too many minor injuries and sore spots, and I simply DID NOT sleep for the six hours I forced myself to lie there and TRY the first night. The second night, I slept on TWO of the mattresses, and that did the job. I will invest in a single, thicker mattress, and think I will probably muddle through.

Finally, I have pictures of the boats I will be sailing on in June:

Main boat, Laguna Tres, on the occasion of her first (and still unpainted) launch:



Secondary boat, Caprice, as she was at the 2008 Texas 200:


Uncle Hyena
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