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Wright, Juliet, Hood, Shrek, Sailing

Two weeks worth of movies, because I am so far in my head I didn't update last week.


"Just Wright" is billed as a romantic comedy, but is really a straight romance. Still, the characters are engaging, and the story works pretty well. Of course, if Queen Latifah has ever been less than wonderful, I haven't seen it.

"Letters to Juliet" is another straight romance, and is also quite good. Both Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried are wonderful. An odd point: the trailers suggested that Seyfried's fiancee is a standard workaholic, but he isn't. He's a chef with a VOCATION, a real passion for food and wine that Seyfried's character neither shares nor understands. It adds an odd undercurrent to the plot. This movie prompted yet another discussion of the fact that "Romeo and Juliet" is grossly over-rated; there is Mercutio, there is the balcony scene, and there are a few other decent bits, but for the most part it is an archetypal example of stupid people being (REALLY STOOPID and) unhappy.

"Robin Hood" is a lot of fun; I have seen it twice, and might see it again. It isn't really Robin Hood, the history is sideways, and some of the technology is downright upside down. On the other hand, while the history is mostly wrong, it at least touches on more of the history than any other film version of the story I can think of. How many other versions of the story MENTION Eleanor of Aquitaine, or William Marshal. And while the chronology and the events are a complete mess, the CHARACTERS are pretty much spot on.

"Shrek: Forever After" is another Shrek movie. It is better than the third, not as good as the first. It's a lot of silly fun with a pretty good story.

I went sailiing on Thursday. I didn't enjoy it much, which scares me. If my head is so messed up that going sailing doesn't improve my mood, things are worse than I thought. The area inside my head that I don't know anything about is MUCH too large.

Uncle Hyena
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