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No movies this week, for once. Nothing worth watching came out, for one thing. For another, I had other plans...

On Friday I went south and had dinner with my dad, and then went to brother Pete's monthly poker tournament. This is likely the last of these this year for me, I don't get Friday's off for the rest of the year. This was the eighth one I have attended in two years, and (since we usually do two tourneys in an evening), my thirteenth and fourteenth tourneys. I failed to finish in the money for the first fourteen, but I WON the fourteenth, which is a lot of fun. Serious poker geekery will be expressed AFTER my signature, for those so inclined.

I staggered home from the poker game at about three AM on Saturday, went to bed, and then got up at one PM in order to get to a house concert in Elgin by four (and we were somewhat late). We stayed until a bit after nine, and only left THEN because I had to get to work at midnight. I was a TIRED puppy by the time I finally oozed into bed at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon. The concert was worth it, though: Water Street Bridge (who are more or less out of Milwaukee) and Lojo Russo, who is out of Iowa. The Bridge did a set, and Lojo did a set, and then they all got together and did whatever, which in this case began with an AMAZING version of "Science Fiction Double Feature" that had me in tears. Good music, good friends, good times.

Uncle Hyena

Poker Geekery:

Three hands stood out. At one point, someone went all in on the deal, and one person called him. Cards were turned up, and one of them was showing an ace, the other a king. And then three kings flopped, and the poor fellow with the ace went into shock. I don't think I have seen a four of a kind in a game with no wild cards before.

At one point, one fellow was trying to sell a straight, and the only other player in the hand refused to fold. It turned out he had pocket eights, which were good, since the other fellow had been bluffing. The fellow with the eights said he had decided from the draw that he was going to ride the eights to the showdown, and his opponent didn't QUITE beat his head against the table. He did twitch a bit whenever anyone else showed eights for the rest of the night, though.

Finally... The second tourney of the night had nine players, and we were going to pay the top three. There came a point when I realized that I was holding about 45% of the chips; another fellow had about 50%, and two others had scraps. This meant that, unless I was was incredibly stupid or unlucky, I was going to be in the money. The world shifted slightly on its access. A few hands later, the little guys were out, and I was facing a small chip deficit. I had more than three times as many chips in front of me than I had ever had before... I drew Ace-five off suit, and limped in. The flop fell 2-3-4 unsuited; my opponent checked, I went all in, he called. We turned up our cards, his eyes bugged out, and my straight held (actually improved, with a six on the River). Suddenly I had more than 95% of the chips in the game in front of me; it was a GOOD feeling. The game lasted another hand or two, but it was really over at that point...
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