Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Them Thar Things Up on the Screen

Friday didn't work out, so today we saw a double feature and then went home and watched a DVD.

We have: "Agent Cody Banks II". Guilty pleasure, easy on the pleasure. The love interest is engaging, a brit trying to break away from four years on "S Club", which is a sort of remake of "The Monkees." She's an actress working in film, so it is hard to feel TOO sorry for her, but you have to wonder at the plight of someone for whom "Agent Cody Banks II" is a step TOWARD legitimate acting.

"Secret Window". There is a really interesting camera effect in the first two minutes of this film which telegraphs the entire direction of the film. There are still some nice creepy bits, but... (And we already KNEW all writers are crazy, right?)

"Lost in Translation". I once commented that I loved Scarlett Johanson, and looked forward to the day she would appear in a movie I actually LIKED. Someone asked about "Lost in Translation", which I had not seen at the time. Well... Given that the normal drama consists of stupid people being unhappy, we have, for a change, intelligent people being unhappy, and maybe even learning a few things (stolen from Dementia). So LiT is Ok, but I am still waiting for a Scarlett J. movie I can rave about.

Uncle Hyena
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