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Killers, A-Team, Karate, Splice, Plumbing, ROAD

Four movies this week, and about six hours before I hit the road for Texas...

"Killers" is a silly shoot-em-up comedy. It's brainless but fun. Ashton Kucher may just turn out to be a decent leading man in about ten more, once age has worn off a bit more of the pretty. He seems to actually have some talent as an actor.

"The A-Team" is a brainless, flaky, shoot-em-up. It is also a great deal of fun. Anyone who expected anything else has not been paying attention.

"The Karate Kid" might just be as good as its namesake, and we LOVED the original. Jaden Smith is likely to be THE leading man of the world in fifteen years or so.

"Splice" is pretty much a re-working of "Frankenstein", which is to say, a horror movie in which all the nastiness begins and ends with the protagonists. Said protagonists are engaging but a bit too manic to actually be likable. And a hint to film makers: When you are doing what Dementia refers to as "monster stuff", don't try to explain. Explanatory dialog is at best distracting and at worst silly.

Yesterday I was supposed to get all but the very last minute packing done, but the bathtub drain had other ideas, and I spent over an hour wallowing in toxic chemicals and drain gunk. The house is nearly 80 years old, and we go through this every year or two. The timing is almost always obnoxious (I don't think it has ever happened on my day off...).

When I get home today, I will finish packing and hit the road; I am not going to stop for lunch until I am clear of Chicago metro. I am only going to Springfield today, anyway; that seems a reasonable limit at the end of a 24 hour day.

As planned, the trip will include some 3400 miles of driving (900 of that pulling a trailer), a 220 mile bus trip, and about 200 miles of sailing. I will be off line for about half of that, and actually off grid for a few days of it. Of course, since I have a satellite transceiver, I will still be able to say where I am. I will send a message at the beginning and end of each day, at least; locations can be viewed on the page linked below.



Uncle Hyena
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