Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Home again.

Ok... The Texas 200 and related events, in brief.

I drove 2528 miles without a trailer, and 559 with.

I traveled 221 miles in a former Greyhound bus.

I traveled 88 miles in a stranger's car, as an alternative to being stranded at the Padre Island Yacht Club.

I sailed 76 miles.

My speedometer died just west of Saint Louis.

My brake lines ruptured in Harper; I now have a boat print on boat my fenders, and an outboard motor scratch on my hood. (But the impact fixed the speedometer...)

I blew a tire at 65 mph somewhere north of Houston, and changed the tire on pavement so hot that I had to pour water on it to avoid burning my hands and knees.

I developed a case of hives generated by sun, mosquito bites, and sea water, that forced me bail out of the Texas 200 after two days (out of five).

As a vision quest, the trip was pretty much a bust, unless I am willing to except, "You're screwed, Bucko," as a conclusion. I am not inclined to do so.

Vacations are so much fun...

Uncle Hyena
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