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Hex, Knight, Grown, Last, Toy


"Jonah Hex" is better than its receipts would imply. This is not saying much. It is not bad, for being a western with science fiction AND supernatural elements. Of course, there is really no market for such a thing. It is strange, because Jonah Hex character is normally not associated with EITHER science fiction OR supernatural elements; it is just a straight western, very much in the mold of the Clint Eastwood "No-name" movies. On top of other odd things: Megan Fox finally demonstrates that she is capable of NOT projecting stupidity.

"Knight and Day" is a shoot-em-up romantic comedy, and odd sub-genre that Dementia and I usually enjoy, and this was no exception. It is mind-bogglingly stupid, but the characters are engaging, and it is a lot of fun. Of some interest is the fact that the "Day" of the title means nothing in the movie; I suspect that Cameron Diaz's character originally had the surname "Day", but that it got lost in the shuffle, and no one realized that the title no longer made sense.

"Grown Ups" is hopelessly flat; it is not exactly bad, but it isn't very good, either. Adam Sandler continues to make movies that are more about presenting himself as a nice guy than in actually being entertaining.

"The Last Airbender" is interesting, but not really good. It suffers from having far too much plot and exposition to fit into the available minutes, leaving no room for character or humor or much of anything, really. It intrigued me enough that I will probably look up the faux-anime on which it is based; I may even see it again, because the mythos is interesting, if I am bored enough.

"Toy Story 3" is wonderful. We loved it. We also found it (being sanity optional, and having read, "The Velveteen Rabbit" WAY too many times, and having a plush menagerie that has well over 100 members) WAY too emotionally intense to ever think about seeing it again. This puts it is good, if strange, company: "Breaker Morant", "Project X", Jackson's "King Kong", and now this. (This seques quickly into a discussion about anthropomorphization and the nature of Magic; feel free to look me up and have it in person if you are interested.)

Uncle Hyena
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