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Step, GenCon, Life

Only one movie this week, as an afterthought:

"Step Up 3D" (seen, of course, in 2D, because 3D is stupid) is a dance movie. The plot consists of tissue paper full of holes (though there are several isolated scenes that have both decent acting and decent dialog), but who cares? The plot exists to give the dancers an excuse, and it does that adequately. And the dancing is fabulous. And, truth to tell, there might actually be a point to 3D in this case, as well: The movie was filmed in native 3D (with synced cameras), and the bulk and fragility of the camera made much of the pointless camera trickery to which overly ambitious directors are prone IMPOSSIBLE. So: Clunky native 3D camera equals better dance footage. I can live with that.

Last weekend, I learned that Ken St. Andre was going to be at GenCon this year. Dementia had been making noises that we should take a short road trip in the Grape (the "new" minivan has become "Moby Grape"...), both to get used to the van, and to allow her to road test her packing plans for her air trip to Idaho later this month. I said, "If we can get (short list of irritations) taken care of, and I can get a room, would you be interesting in doing GenCon on Sunday?" She said yes, and everything fell into place, so on Saturday after I got off work, I packed (Dementia was already packed for the Idaho trip as of some time in June), and we drove down to Indy.

Sunday we hit the con. We went to the Flying Buffalo booth, but found neither Ken nor Rick Loomis. We did find fellow Trollhallan Sligo, who had been on my (very short) agenda as well; I had the moderately strange honor of being the first person who ever asked him for an autograph. The Ken showed up, and we talked briefly, and I learned that Dementia had left her camera in the hotel, but Ken had his. We learned that Rick would be back to supervise a prize raffle at noon, then we went to the Skirmisher booth, where I hob-nobbed briefly, and then I found a hole to hide in and read while Dementia went shopping. She hadn't been to GenCon in at least a decade, and had mapped out many interesting things. Noon came, I checked in with Rick, went back to the Skirmisher booth (where I sang Jon Kaufman's "Meet the Deep Ones" on video tape while wearing a Deep One mask), and the reconnected with Dementia and checked out various things she was interested in, but unsure of. And then we fled the hall. On the way back to our hotel we had REALLY good pizza at the Union Jack in Broad Ripple; parking in Broad Ripple is even more stupid than it was 30 years ago when I hung out in the area, but it worked out.

We got home on Monday; Dementia through a load of clothes into the washer, and a fuse blew. A bit of experimentation determined that the washer was in fact the culprit, so I hauled the soapy clothes to the local laundromat, then came back with soggy clothes and hot food. The clothes were dried, the food was eaten, Dementia went to Toastmasters, and I went to a movie. On Tuesday the appliance repair guy got the washer going cheap, but told us that if it happened again, it was time to replace the machine. It's been 19 years; I can deal with that...

Uncle Hyena
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