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Ypres, Hair

So... Last week was a long week, and then I had (company mandated) classes on Monday and Tuesday, so there was only one movie this week: "Eat Pray Love". While Dementia was reading the book (and rushing to finish before the movie came out), a household joke started, based on the more polite English mispronunciation of the name of the Belgian town of Ypres. (The less polite version is, "Wipers...") Contrary to rumor, I was NOT required to show proof of emasculation before they would sell me a ticket, but I may have been the only straight male between Chicago and Milwaukee who watched the thing voluntarily. It isn't a bad movie; it has some really funny moments, and might have a few worthwhile things to say on spirituality and the meaning of life. Of course, given that the point of view is that of a whiny, wealthy woman suffering from New York myopia, it doesn't have MUCH to say to anyone else.

In other news... The last time I cut my hair was in May of 1995. At the time, it was mostly brown, and there was a lot more of it. Once it had grown out a bit, it was nearly maintenance free: wash it, comb it, tie it back, forget it. Since my hair seems to have a natural length between 12 and 15 inches, it was both the easiest to care for, and the neatest, hair style I had ever had.

Fifteen years later, my hair has gone through gray to dead white, my hairline has retreated to the top of my skull (and is generally thinner everywhere), and the natural length of what new growth there is, is more like six inches. I find that I am sliding back into being perennially unkempt (even by my significantly lax standards).

I wonder if it is time for a change. The only personally viable option is some variation on a buzz cut/ shave, which would then be maintained in my typically haphazard fashion.


Uncle Hyena
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