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Exorcism, Distance, Machete, and Randomness

No movie the last weekend of August; Dementia was in Boise, and I worked. My only free weekend day was Sunday, and I chose to go sailing (which was good enough, given the light and fluky wind). On Monday I tried to get some carpentry done, and accomplished a VERY small amount before I had to pick up Dementia. Tuesday I was vaguely ill, and went to a movie to hide from the heat and responsibility. Then back to work, one movie each on Saturday and Sunday, and two more days of being vaguely ill and unable to deal with my life.

Home repair projects that I lack the stamina and emotional fortitude to deal with are piling up; I tried to change a light bulb on Sunday, and broke the lamp. This is NOT good.

Anyway, movies:

"The Last Exorcism" is probably the best written example of the "camera as a character" fad that began with "The Blair Witch Project". This doesn't mean it is the most effective, just that it has the best characters, the best dialog, and the most logical plot. It still suffers from all of the problems intrinsic to the sub-genre, and is worth seeing if you are a horror movie slut. Otherwise, not so much.

"Going the Distance" is a pretty decent romantic comedy, heavy on the romance, light on the comedy. We enjoyed it a great deal. Drew Barrymore continues to make movies that WE like, and that critics and audiences don't. Ah, well.

"Machete" is a hoot. Lots of violence, lots of pointless nudity, not a lot of sense, Jessica Alba playing a Fed in stupid shoes... This is very much of a piece with "The Expendables"; if you liked one, you will like the other.

Uncle Hyena
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