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Rabbit with a Sword (or two...)

The other night, in lieu of the expected movie, Dementia dragged me into Borders to help her burn up a 10% off coupon.

I don't really LIKE hanging out in Borders, unless I am looking for something specific; the fact that I can't buy everything, and couldn't read it all if I could, is just very frustrating, and makes me unhappy on a niggling level.

I spent a long time staring at the manga, feeling lost and stupid, and then saw an "Usagi Yojimbo" omnibus, and felt at home again.

It has occurred to be that "Usagi Yojimbo" is my favorite comic; I would not have said that a day ago, but thinking about things has led me to realize that, for several years, whenever there is a new "Usagi" in the house, it is absolutely the first comic I read.

"Usagi" has done well enough, I suppose. I can find it in Borders, after all, but it should be HUGE. Ok, it is too Japanese for the furries, and too furry for the Nipponophiles and Anime heads, but...Damn.

Stan Sakai has his feet in both Japanese and US culture, and brings the best of both to retellings of classic samurai stories framed in a world of talking animals.

Life and death, courage and cowardice, loyalty and betrayal, and every possible flavor of friendship, all surrounding the deadliest rabbit since Graham Chapman chased the Holy Grail.

End of Free Plug (Go check it out!)

Uncle Hyena
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