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Two movies, and too much home repair:

"Resident Evil: Afterlife" is episode four of the increasingly mindless Milla Jovovich franchise. The special effects keep getting better, and the scripts keep getting worse; one wonders if they will achieve virtual reality or utter mindlessness first (my money is on mindlessness). This iteration isn't unwatchable, but it does feel kind of tired. Best moment: Ali Larter sliding along a wet floor executing a miracle of timing. Worst moment: The credit cookie, or how to burn a cameo in the most irritating fashion possible.

"The American" is strange. I think it was absolutely successful in achieving its artistic goals; I am much less sure if the attempt was worthwhile, given that it almost certainly did not meet its financial goals. The movie has a very 1970s feel, to no particular end. I am glad I saw it, and may have even enjoyed it, but it wasn't really much FUN...

The garbage disposal broke a couple of weeks ago; Dementia was convinced that it would be easy to replace, and wanted to save money, and I wanted someone ELSE to crawl under the sink with gunk in their eyes and hair while a hostile universe tore off their knuckles. I lost. As is often the case when I finally undertake a home repair, several other things got fixed along the way.

A while ago (I do not seem to have blogged it), one of our kitchen cabinets committed suicide, jumping off the wall in the middle of the evening and destroying about two-thirds of its contents along the way. We bought an unfinished replacement, and Dementia stained and varnished it to match the real wood parts of the existing cabinets. On Tuesday, we finally got it back up on the wall, after adding a few non-standard reinforcements to make sure that this one CAN NOT commit suicide in the same fashion.

Of course, the rowing seat STILL isn't done, and I still have a critter hole in the garage roof...

Uncle Hyena
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