Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Easy, Nanny, Blodge

Movies first:

"Easy A": Somewhere along the line, some Hollywood types decided that there needed to be another John Hughes movie, that the man was dead notwithstanding. They put together this movie, and miracle of miracles, they succeeded. "Easy A" is at least as good as the best of the Hughes films, and may be better than any of them. The script is pretty much perfect, Emma Stone *IS* perfect (for this part, anyway), and it all just works. And... I have to say this, mostly because I am VERY fond of this movie, because there is ultimately a LOT of luck involved in this particular statistic, but... I have seen something like 3000 movie screenings. In the course of those, I have consumed about one thousand gallons of Coca-Cola. In all of that, I have snorted Coke out of my nose ONCE, Saturday, while watching "Easy A".

"Nanny McPhee Returns": Dementia seldom actively lobbies for movies, at least partly because I will happily watch ALMOST anything. There have been exceptions ("Knocked Up" was one; she expected it to be much better than it was; I knew I would hate it from the trailers), and this was one of them. At base, I need a bit of real violence to temper this level of silliness and surreality, and this movie didn't have it (and I never thought it would). If my current general mood were not quite so foul, I might have liked it better... Fortunately, DEMENTIA liked it, and that is what matters in the end.

I am deep in the throes of my annual Autumnal Malaise, which is an auto-immune thing, always coupled with the knowledge that I have mostly wasted another summer and that another (multiple expletives deleted) winter is coming. My head is a VERY unpleasant place at the moment...

Uncle Hyena
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