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Owls, Virgins, Alpha, Devil, Again, Street, Alamos, Case, Chain, Stronghold

I was on vacation last week. I was (still) suffering from Autumnal Malaise, and the Rav was in the shop all week, so we had occasional transportation issues. I did a very small amount of home repair, saw a lot of movies, and blodged a lot. We also managed to get in a last trip to Dementia's parent's house (vacant since January, sold on October 1) and attended a sort-of local single weekend Ren Faire.


"Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" is an animated talking animal movie. It deliberately plays into the strengths of 3D technology, and has a decent enough story. We enjoyed it well enough; sometimes "pleasantly mediocre" is all that you need.

"The Virginity Hit" is a teen sex romp, done in the camera-as-a-character style. I am not at all sure the story was worth the effort of telling, though at least some of the characters were moderately entertaining.

"Alpha and Omega" was ALSO an animated talking animal movie. It was relentlessly mediocre.

"Devil" is a lame horror film, written (in part) by M. Night Shyamalan. It is pretentiously over-scored, and features an upside-down opening sequence that lasted about twice as long as it took for me to lose ALL of my good will toward the movie. The script displays an amazing ignorance of police procedures, and elevators, and large building management, and, well, pretty much everything that was vaguely relevant to establishing any level of reality in the film.

"You Again" is a hopelessly dumb comedy with an excellent cast. I am absolutely certain that a video of the wrap party would have been more entertaining than the actual movie was.

"Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" is an extremely well done movie with a great cast that I didn't like very well. It is, however, somewhat more pleasant to watch that its predecessor (also a well done movie with a great cast, which we saw for the first time the night before watching this one, and didn't like at all).

"Let Me In" is a Hollywood remake of a clever but dreary and unfocused Swedish horror film. This version captures the dreary and unfocused quality of the original, and strains out a great deal of the cleverness. Possibly the most entertaining part of the movie is the mystery of why anyone would set a film that depends on MONTHS of un-interrupted sub-freezing weather in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the temperature seldom stays below freezing for more than 24 hours at a stretch. (Ok, the answer to that one is, Money. But it's still DUMB...)

"The Social Network" is historically fascinating. Unfortunately, the film makers chose to complicate an already convoluted story by telling it out of order. Still, the cast and the story itself are strong enough to make up for the film's structural shortcomings. And it DOES have a few delightful moments: "I'm six foot five, I weigh 220, and there are TWO of me!"

"Case 39" is a four year old movie that has been in distribution hell since the end of 2006. The message of the movie would seem to be, Monsters Happen, which is not really something that will endear it to me. It has its creepy moments, certainly, and the cast is engaging, but in the end it just isn't very good.

"Chain Letter" is a REALLY lame horror movie made worse by the fact that there are some really clever ideas inside of it. I get the impression that, late in the story conference, when they should have been trying to figure out how to sew their various clever threads into a cohesive whole, the directory stood up and said, "That's good enough; we'll just pour blood on anything that doesn't work."

Otherwise... I didn't get any sailing in. I have managed to weave sailing into my unhappy web of unfinished tasks, and that takes a lot of the fun out of it.

On October 2, we went to the Stronghold Faire, an annual single weekend event at a retreat/ summer camp run by the Presbyterians in the vicinity of Oregon, Illinois. It's a great site with some really interesting facilities, but too far from ANYTHING, and, I think, subdued by the shadow of the Xian landlords.

So... Quiet week, not much happened, but there was some VERY good conversation at various points along the way...

Uncle Hyena
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