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Behind, again. Too much going on.


"It's Kind of a Funny Story" is a psych ward movie. It is neither as heavy as "Cuckoo's Nest" nor as frothy as "Dream Team", though it is definitely closer to the latter. We enjoyed it a great deal, and I hope it gets wider release.

"My Soul to Take" is a Wes Craven supernatural slasher. That's pretty much all you need to know. The end credits are certainly worth seeing, though; they point out (to the majority of us, who missed it during the movie) that the killer's favorite knife has an identical profile to a condor's head, which is relevant. The end title is also accompanied by 3D storyboards of the entire movie, which are pretty cool to see.

"The Town" is a heavy caper movie. The trailers led me to expect it to be depressing, and I was surprised to find that I was wrong. The movie is well made, but not very much fun. Still, I am glad I got a chance to see it.

"Secretariat" is a sort-of historical, come-from-behind sports movie. It is always difficult for film makers to build suspense when the audience already knows the ending, but this film succeeds admirably. Of course, a cast headed by Diane Lane and John Malkovich helps a great deal.

"Red" is a hoot and a half. The cast is GREAT, the dialog and character work are great. The plot is pretty much impossible, but that is standard for this kind of movie. This is also the third "geriatric action movie" is two months, which is kind of mind blowing.

"Life as We Know It" is a romantic comedy that aspires to dramatic weight, and pretty much succeeds. We enjoyed it a great deal, which is saying something, considering the amount of screen time they gave to the baby.

In other news... Tuesday (and Wednesday) was our 26th wedding anniversary. We had lunch at Red Robin, who comped us the tab, and saw a movie ("Secretariat"), then I went to bed because I had to work that night.

On Saturday, we saw a movie ("RED"), and then drove up to Racine for a Lojo Russo concert at the Yardarm. It was a LOT of fun (as always), but made for a VERY long day. Juli M. showed up as well, which was fun.

On Sunday, we got together with Dementia's Aunts Donna and Nancy, and Uncle Tom; we had not seen Tom and Nancy for nearly two years. It was a pleasant visit, but required a LOT of travel, nearly five hours all told.

Uncle Hyena
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