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Behind a bit...

On October 31, we dodged the Hordes of Wandering Cuteness and went down to Lincolnshire to see "Conviction", which was Ok, but no better. Great cast, great story, mediocre presentation. They chose to tell the story out of order, and to focus on the trial, rather than on the pretty much miraculous progress of the main character from GED to BA to JD, all while working full time and raising two kids. The trial should have been the Maguffin, not the centerpiece.

On Monday, I shook off my malaise long enough to see "Saw 3D", otherwise know as "Saw VII". The Saw series has long since run out of cleverness, and I will be SO glad when the 3D fad finally runs out of steam.

On Tuesday, I drove down to the south side and met up with my brother Tim and my father for a tour of every house he had ever lived in, or that my mother had ever lived it. Also included were two churches that figure in the family story, and a factory that my mom's father used to own. Tim and I took a lot of pictures, and got a lot of funny looks. It was a lot of fun, though, and there will no doubt be a slide show (for my dad's benefit) forthcoming.

I called in sick at work on Sunday, for the second time this year; I have been exhausted at some level since the first of September, and it finally was too much.

On Monday evening I had dinner with the Incomparable Nikki, which was delightful as always; she is currently happy at a level I have never seen in her before, and she seems likely to sustain it for a long while. She expressed regret for my apparent lack of talent for happiness, and I laughed, because, well, I have to.

Uncle Hyena
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