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Due, Mega, Train, Glory

Behind on movies again. On Tuesday, (11/9), we did a double feature; on Saturday, (11/13) we went to another of Juli M's harvest parties, and on Sunday, (11/14) we did ANOTHER double feature. So...

"Due Date" is pretty good. Robert Downey, Jr., plays a man with anger issues and incredibly bad luck, and Zach Galifianakis plays another variation on what is becoming his stock nutcase. There are many painfully awkward moments, but in the end, it all works. Mostly.

"Megamind" is an animated superhero movie. It isn't nearly as good as "The Incredibles", which sets the standard for such things, but it is on a par with "Despicable Me". "Megamind" is better written than "Me", but it lacks the unfettered daffiness that made "Me" worth watching. Still, it is a Will Farrell movie that I would consider watching again, which is saying something.

"Unstoppable" started with a really scary concept and then massaged it with effects and pointless details until it started to get a bit silly. Still, the cast is good, and the basic concept is still scary enough that it works pretty well, in spite of silliness like explosive diesel fuel and the idea that locomotives care which direction they are going.

"Morning Glory" is a really good movie that doesn't fit into an easy category. It FEELS like a romantic comedy, but the main relationship is professional not romantic. Just go see it. It's fun.

Many of the people I look forward to seeing at the harvest party weren't there this year, and Dementia and I spent some time wandering around looking for someone to talk to. I even tried the garage tobacco lounge, in spite of the fact that it takes me about an hour of coughing to recover for each minute I spend in such places. We ended up in the basement in the company of daughter of the house Kat, and her friends Alex and Barb, who collectively made the party for us.

Uncle Hyena
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