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One of the young women Dementia and I met on Saturday rang some bells in the back of my head, but they were vague, and I ignored them at the time. It wasn't until I got home and looked them up on Facebook that I realized that Barb bears a striking resemblance to Robin, my first fiancee (#1 in a series, collect them all!). They aren't identical, by any means: Barb is taller, has a different body type, is gregarious where Robin was shy; Barb has auburn hair, gray eyes, and freckles, while Robin's hair and eyes were dark brown; Barb has better skin and straighter teeth, and is generally prettier. Still... Oval face, flat bottomed eyes, long nose, wide mouth, sharp chin, and MANY common expressions. Looking at Barb's pictures is kind of spooky.

Looking at Barb's pictures reminds me of everything that was good in that relationship; Robin was pretty much my best friend for the five years that our relationship lasted. I don't NEED to be reminded of all of the things that made the relationship a disaster. I do wish, again, that Robin and I were still on speaking terms (as I am, barring distance and inconvenience, with Angie, also known as Fiancee #2); I have made overtures, and have been rebuffed. C'est la vie.

As for Barb-- I feel a closeness to her that I know to be illusory, and can more or less ignore. Beyond that, she is an intelligent and vivacious young woman who shares at least some of my taste in fiction, and if it is possible to have too many such creatures in my life, I have no idea what the limit might be. (It would be fun to find out...)

Uncle Hyena

Robin at 20 in 1977; Barb at 20 in 2010:

Looking at these two pictures side by side, I realize that my memory of Robin was refined by a couple of decades of fond remembrance. But the key points I mentioned are still there...
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