Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Dreary Hallows

Not much out of the ordinary this week, and only one movie.

Dementia and I love the Harry Potter books, or at least the first five. Rowling got a bit too far out of her comfort zone with the sixth book, and it dragged more than a little, though was still decent. The seventh book, though, got lost in the woods. This isn't TOO surprising; the first book was written by an unemployed single mother with a head full of dreams, and the seventh book was written by a billionaire with an OBLIGATION.

The film version of book six fixed much that was wrong with the novel, but I had few hopes that the same would happen with book seven. "Deathly Hallows" suffered from having far too many pages for the available plot, and the news that "Hallows" was going to be split across two movies made it sound like all of the book's pacing problems were going to be preserved on screen.

I was wrong, or at least, I was wrong, so far. "Hallows, Part One" has far more soul than I expected, and has no pacing problems to speak of. We enjoyed it quite a bit.

And then there is Dobby. Dobby is Rowling's best character for my money, and this movie does him proud.

Uncle Hyena
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