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Burlesque, Faster, Drugs, Tangled

It's been a busy week. We were supposed to host Dementia's Aunt Donna for Thanksgiving, but she bailed on us, which made our lives MUCH simpler. And then we saw four movies in three days (and pretty much spread Dementia's birthday across all three days), and then on Tuesday I had a long delayed lunch with Morgen K.


"Burlesque" is exactly the movie that its trailers promise. If you like the ads, you will like the movie. If you don't, you won't. Bluesy music sung in powerful alto voices, lots of Bob Fosse-inspired dance numbers, a save-the-ranch plot, and a love story. It works really well if you want it to.

"Faster" is a pretty standard high energy shoot-em-up, unnecessarily distinguished by a half-hearted effort at stylized surrealism. The cast is generally better than the material, but it works well enough. There is a beautiful 1970 SS Chevelle that deserves its own screen credit (and may get more screen time than any of the actors).

"Love and Other Drugs" is a an excellent low key romantic comedy intercut with a Parkinson's awareness film. It sounds strange, and it IS, but it works.

"Tangled" is yet another Disney CGI film, this time doing the Disney thing to "Rapunzel". If you are susceptible to this sort of thing, and we very much ARE, it is very good.

Meeting with Morgen reminded me, once again, that I have many good friends that I simply do not spend enough time with. Of course, there is NOT enough time, but I need to find a way to steal more of it for the people who matter.

Uncle Hyena
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