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Swan, Fighter, Know, Tron, Eclipse, Yule

Eleven days since my last update. Shame on me. Four movies in seven days, a 54 hour work week, an invisible eclipse, and a holiday.

"The Black Swan" is one of those really well made movies that isn't really much fun to watch. It is a well executed descent into madness tale, with some pretty good dancing (considering that neither of the principals is really a dancer), and a lot of dreariness.

"The Fighter" is a come-from-behind sports movie, what Dementia and I tend to call a "Rocky Movie". It has a fair amount of basis in fact, and is well done, though the cinematography is frequently irritating. Movies of this sort usually work if you choose to fall under their spell, and this is no exception. And it is pretty much impossible to go wrong with either Mark Wahlberg or Amy Adams...

"How Do You Know" would be an awful title even if it were punctuated correctly, but it is a pretty good romantic comedy for all of that. Jack Nicholson phones in his usual hole-in-the-screen performance, but Owen Wilson demonstrates hilariously extreme shallowness, and Paul Rudd is adorably daffy. I may finally have forgiven Reese Witherspoon for "Election".

"TRON: Legacy" chose to forgo exposition in favor of special effects, which was a wise choice, since the plot runs on the inverse of Clark's Law (appropriately disguised magic is indistinguishable from technology). The problem is that in doing so, they failed to actually make you CARE about what was going on. On the other hand, Olivia Wilde's Quorra is both adorable and delectable, in spite of having the worst haircut in the history of cinema (Ok, one of the worst. But awful regardless.). Still, it's a pleasant roller coaster ride.

There was an almost-on-the-solstice eclipse on Monday night (almost because, while the solstice and the eclipse fell on the same calendar day, the eclipse did not fall on the shortest night). Still, it was a cool thing, and led the news creatures to make all sorts of silly mistakes. (Did you know that Lady Jane Grey was executed in 1636? Several news outlets decided so...) Unfortunately, it was utterly overcast and snowing slightly locally, and the moon could not even be located, much less seen.

Finally... We decided to do our household gift giving on Yule this year, since I would not be home on Christmas. The usual books and CDs and DVDs and clothing materialized, along with a hand-knitted plesiosaur who has already been christened "Tullamore"; photos to phollow.

Uncle Hyena
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