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Grit, Gulliver, Family

I worked until noon on Christmas day, and then we went to the movies; it was more crowded than we expected (we didn't know quite what to expect, and should have asked). We saw a sold out showing of "True Grit" (though we were allowed to occupy our usual four seats; at this point in my life I would rather wait a week than share an armrest with a stranger for two hours) and a nearly vacant "Gulliver's Travels". Our Sunday plans to meet with Dementia's relatives fell through (due to both weather, and the fact that one of the attendees (Dementia's Aunt Nancy) had shifted to death watch status, and in fact died later in the week), so we just blodged. On Monday we went down to the south side to visit my family, including an odd game of "find the headstone" because my mother's grave was under a foot and a half of snow.


"True Grit" is a first rate western. Everything about it is first rate, and then-13-year-old Hailee Steinfeld is simply amazing.

"Gulliver's Travels" has more Jack Black than any sane person should actually be exposed to, but is almost watchable in spite of that. The script is tolerable, and the supporting cast is excellent. If only Black had done a little less schtick, and a little more acting...

I have now managed to hunt down and watch the original 1982 "TRON", which is a significantly better movie than the current sequel. This is largely because the earlier film has a real sense of humor, and is more aware of its inherent silliness than the later film. Fantasy, even techno-fantasy, that crosses into the real world needs a deft touch, and the more recent film is many things, but "deft" is not one of them.

Uncle Hyena
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