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Season, Country, Indy

Two movies and a semi-aborted road trip...

Saturday we saw "Season of the Witch", a muddy bit of low fantasy that is set in something that sort of resembles eastern Europe. It is a great deal of fun to watch Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman banter, but the plot is a mess. One gets the impression that a final decision on the identity of the villain, church or witch, was not made until VERY late in the production.

Sunday we saw "Country Strong", yet another example of the "one last chance at stardom" movie. Garrett Hedlund does a great job as an up and coming singer who doesn't want the fame; everyone else is competent, but the whole thing is flat, and has been done much better many times before.

I was supposed to leave Waukegan on Monday morning, drive to Indianapolis, play Tunnels & Trolls on Monday night, hang out until Tuesday evening, have dinner with Debbie D. and her spouse, spend another night in the hotel, and come home Wednesday morning. By the time I hit the road, the meeting with Debbie had been canceled due to a death in her family, but I decided to make the T&T game anyway. I drove to Indy, checked into the hotel, unloaded my luggage, and went to the game. Along the line, I started hearing stories about impending snowfall...

The T&T game ended at 10:00 PM; I went back to my hotel, looked over the weather reports, talked to Dementia, and decided to pack up and go home. I was on the road by midnight (11:00 PM Central), and home four hours later; I only had to deal with snow for the last half hour of the trip. I miss my Jeep...

Uncle Hyena
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