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Switch, Dilemma, Hornet, Strings

I lived through another January Switch Week, my seventh. It gets harder every year. This time it was only the scheduled seven (as opposed to last year's nine), but I was sick for all of it. And then there were movies; there are always movies.

"The Dilemma" is a pretty good comedy of manners, particularly since it stars Vince Vaughn, whom I normally can't stand. The movie makes no effort to be hilarious, and is better for it. The plot is well constructed and well executed, and the performances are good. The engineering problem that serves as the film's maguffin, though, is idiotic. Fortunately, its a maguffin, and doesn't really matter.

"No Strings Attached" is a well executed romantic comedy. If you like the stars (and we do), you will enjoy it. I repeat, Ashton Kucher will be a first rate leading man in about ten years, once he has worn off a bit more of the pretty.

"The Green Hornet" is mostly a mess. Jay Chou's Kato is fabulous, Seth Rogen's Britt is mostly irritating. Of course the movie doesn't reality check AT ALL, but it was never supposed to. On the other hand, it does a lousy job of keeping track of its own internal logic, and THAT is unforgivable.

Anyway... I showed up for work on Wednesday night sick enough that I might have stayed home on a night when it would have cost less money, or I had felt less obligation. (Sick on a short week only costs three hours pay; sick on a long week costs seven. Maintenance days have more obligation than normal, Switch Week days have more obligation than normal, and this a long week maintenance day during Switch Week...) I was in worse shape when I showed up on Friday, and the my partner tossed his cookies at 2:00 AM and went home, leaving me alone until daylight on both Friday AND Saturday. Once I had lived through Saturday, it seemed absurd to call in, since I was recovering, even though the impetus to show up was falling off daily, too.

Let us quote Ms Byfield again: "Trudge: The slow, steady pace of one who has no choice but to continue." I REALLY hate living in Trudge Mode...

Uncle Hyena
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