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Eagle, Just, Unknown, Four, New Computers

Four movies and two new computers in four days.

Movies first:

"The Eagle" is a quasi-historical adventure based on a half-century old YA novel. It involves Romans in Britain in about 140 AD, and is a lot of fun. It isn't without flaws, but it is fun. Due to some rather odd circumstances, I have seen it twice without regret.

"Just Go With It" proves conclusively that Jennifer Anniston at her best CAN NOT pay the freight on Adam Sandler at his worst. Watching this film will make you feel your brain cells dying as you sit (though once your IQ drops to about 80 you might find the rest of the movie enjoyable...).

"Unknown" has a lot of things going for it, but ultimately fails because it ignores the rules of story telling. If you want your audience to suspend its disbelief, you have to tell them (at least roughly) what level of reality (or lack thereof) to expect up front. You can not, successfully, start off with an "Everyman/ Fish Out of Water" premise, and then shift into a "James Bond" reality in the third act. Doing so leave the audience with the impression that you are incompetent.

"I am Number Four" is based on a YA science fiction novel in the quasi-messianic road trip mold. This is pretty silly stuff, but the film treats the material well, and the result is extremely watchable. As of this moment, my best choice for a Wednesday decompression movie is to watch it again, and I almost certainly will.

In other news... Dementia's three and a bit year old HP laptop died a while ago, and she has been shopping for a new one and using my machine in my absence. Last Tuesday MY slightly newer HP laptop died catastrophically, and she immediately rushed out to Best Buy to purchase the Toshiba that was then at the top of her list. I did some research, and on Wednesday stopped in at Office Max to look at all-in-ones, and saw a Toshiba laptop that was similar to my old machine at a REALLY good price. I fired up my seven year old backup machine to get me through Wednesday night, and then bought the Toshiba on Thursday (I HATE to shop...). It says something about how much I dislike playing with computers (when I am not being paid for it) that I stayed on the antique machine for two days until Dementia had a chance to set up my new one. Burn out is an evil thing...

Uncle Hyena
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