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Angry, Pass, Beastly, Bureau, Poker

I'm behind again. It's been twelve days since my last post. Sorry about that. (Is anyone actually reading?)

Movies on 2/25, 3/2, and two on 3/5; dinner with my father and poker on 3/4.


"Drive Angry 3D" is silly, vulgar, violent, and fun. Amber Heard provides world class eye candy; there are two gorgeous old muscle cars (and a wonderfully subtle visual joke when William Fitchner sneers his feelings about people who bought the 440 Dodge when they could have had the 426 Hemi). It has supernatural elements, and they are (surprisingly) done with a fair amount of thought and respect. Unfortunately, this is the first (and, I hope, only) movie to be released in 3D ONLY; 3D has passed, and this movie did only about a third of the business it would have in a normal release.

"Hall Pass" is a lot more thoughtful, and a lot less absurd, than one would expect from the trailers. It still often wanders into the territory of gross-out farce, but it does so seldom enough that I was actually glad I saw the film.

"Beastly" is a decent contemporary retelling of "Beauty and the Beast". It contains no significant surprises, but is well executed, and worth seeing if you enjoy the story. Mary-Kate Olsen stands out as the supremely powerful witch.

"The Adjustment Bureau" is pretty good; that is, I enjoyed it in spite of the fact that I found its philosophical underpinnings offensive (but then, it IS based on a pre-Chaos short story, so I have to cut it some slack, there...). The characters are certainly believable enough, even when the plot is not, some some of the effects are a great deal of fun.

Hmmm. That makes four more or less positive reviews in a single post, with no counter-balancing horrors. Something must be wrong.

Dinner with my dad was pretty typical, though we had a table to ourselves; that is somewhat unusual. Back in his apartment, I discovered that he had added a treasure from his childhood to the things on his living room shelves: a foot long black dog that he has had since shortly before he was seven years old. I think I have only seen that dog once before, more than 45 years ago. It made me smile.

Poker went well, in spite of at least one major brain lock on my part. I managed to finish in the money in both of the night's tourneys, meaning I have now done so in four out of the last five. I may be learning a few things. The brain lock? I was holding Jacks; there were three low clubs, and two other low cards on the board; I decided that there was a real 25% chance he had me beaten, which meant that he probably did, and folded. I inverted a couple of fractions to reach that conclusion; the actual chance was more like 8%. He won with nines...

Uncle Hyena
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