Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Five Years

It's been five years.

Tom "Clueless" Parker
Friend - Gaming Buddy - Nuisance

Final Voyage
(Paul Haynie, 1993, 2006)

It's time, for the last time, to cast off the moorings
And lay in a course for a distant sun.
There'll be no homecoming from this final voyage,
No happy reunion when this journey's done.
One star will burn brighter with your soul inside it,
While my world is darkened by your sudden lack;
For I cannot go with you on this final voyage
And I know that there's no chance you'll ever turn back.
So here's to the memory of times spent together:
To love, blood, and laughter; to fear, joy, and pain.
There'll be no homecoming from this final voyage--
But when MY journey's over, I'll see you again.

Uncle Hyena
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