Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Paul, Limitless, Lincoln

Movies and not much else; worked too many hours and didn't get enough sleep.

"Paul" is silly and fun. It is full of sciffy in jokes, and fairly dumb without quite being STOOPID. I may well see it again.

"Limitless" is a not half bad thriller, thought it is not without flaws. Specifically, the pharmaceutically enhanced genius does a LOT of stupid things, but then again, if he were THAT smart, there would be no movie.

"The Lincoln Lawyer" has been referred, disparagingly, as "just another cop show". This is largely true, but cop shows are really popular, and this one is essentially triple length with high powered stars. So, it delivers on what it promises. We liked it.

Hanging out with Ernie G. at the GaryCon warm up tomorrow, if nothing goes wrong. Should be fun.

Uncle Hyena
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