Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Punch, GaryCon, Party

Worked sixty hours this week, and did some social things. I am more tired and grumpy than usual.

"Sucker Punch" is weird at a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" level, and almost as much fun, though in different ways. It's a thrill ride with lots of silly violence, and lots of Goth cheesecake. We enjoyed it a great deal; the critics pretty much hated it.

Due to some odd schedule shifting, most of it occasioned by the Cricket ODI World Cup, I was free on Saturday to attend GaryCon, the Gary Gygax memorial gaming con, in the morning, and then a friend's annual spring party in the evening. They were both successful and pleasant events that would have been improved if I hadn't been there.

I think it is time to admit that I just have no clue how to enjoy myself at a gaming con. I arrived, bought my badge, did a pass through the minuscule dealer's room, had some brief conversations, and then retreated to my car to read for about an hour. I went back in and tried again, had quite a bit more conversation, and found myself roped into a play test of a hopelessly lame developmental RPG. I sat through an interminable character generation process, then faked a phone call when the GM took a bio-break and got out. I didn't have a bad time, and I enjoyed some of it a great deal, but it all made me feel LONELY, and I don't need that.

In the evening we went to Nikki's House Warming Anniversary. It's a good party, and I had a good time, mostly. I find that I am turning into the guy who corners people and browbeats them with stories they don't want to hear, and I don't WANT to be that guy. My positive contribution to the party was repeatedly re-hanging the suicidal screen door on the balcony. I suggested turning it into a drinking game, but have only now figured out the rules: If you knock the screen door off its track, you have to do a shot of whatever thrice-damned concoction I choose to serve you. That would have amusing...

Sometime I suspect that I am losing the ability to have fun...

Uncle Hyena
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