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Source, Insidious, Poker

So... Last week I worked the noon to midnight shift, for a change. No big deal, but I think I am happier where I am. Saw a movie on Thursday, saw my dad and played poker on Friday, saw another movie on Saturday. Worked, saw another movie on Wednesday. So...

"Sucker Punch" makes absolutely no more sense on a second viewing, but I still don't care. I would like to have some idea what the title meant,though.

"The Source Code" is a pretty good SF thriller with a REALLY silly premise. Once you swallow the "Initial Conditions" horse pill, though, it is a lot of fun. Or it would be, if only they had had the sense to fade to black after the freeze frame about two minutes before the credits roll. As it is, that horse pill comes back up and tries to choke you.

"Insidious" is a good, creepy horror movie, except for two BIG flaws: The score is hopelessly heavy handed, and the film ends with one of those stupid, "Gotcha!" endings. The film has a lot in common with "Poltergeist", which avoided both of those pitfalls AND had a occasional bit of humor. But then, "Poltergeist" was GREAT, and this movie is merely good.

On Friday, my dad and I spent a fair amount of time reminiscing about summers from the 60s, and then I went off to play poker. I WON the first tourney (fourteen players), and flamed out early in the second (twelve players). And then, because I was ahead for the evening, I let myself get talked into a cash game among the dropouts, and ended up nearly doubling my initial investment there. Twenty dollars in fees, five gallons of gas, and five dollars for pizza, and I came home with more money than I had started with. Not too shabby.

Uncle Hyena
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