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Scream, Elephants, Conspirator, Cats, Ahab

I worked, I saw some movies, we did a REALLY silly plushie rescue. Life goes on.

"Scream 4" is more of the same, sort of. The horror formula is simple: Make the audience care about one or more characters, and then put that (those) character(s) in danger. Lather, rinse, repeat, resolve (eventually). When the script takes it for granted that you still care about characters that you last saw in the previous chapter, several years ago, and therefore doesn't bother to give you any NEW reason to care... I fell asleep, and missed a couple of scenes. I don't care, at all.

"Water for Elephants" is mediocre romance with some really nice elephant footage. We didn't hate it. I would have liked it better if it had been more accurate about circus life. The movie makers chose to collapse the novel's two villains into one, which upset the reality of the piece (such as it was) significantly. Christopher Waltz is NOT a ringmaster.

"The Conspirator" is a well made historical drama about a dreary and depressing footnote to US history. not surprisingly, the movie is also dreary and depressing, in spite of its overall quality.

"African Cats" consists of GREAT footage and a really stupid script. The filmmakers chose to disregard pretty much everything that is known about lion behavior in the interest of telling a dramatic story. Given that this is supposed to be an educational film, filling it with disinformation borders on immorality.

So, about that plushie. We were driving west on Grand Avenue last Friday when I saw a plush toy in the middle of the lane right in front of me. "That was a whale," I said to Dementia. She hadn't seen it, and after the usual comedic confusion, I decided to rescue the thing before it was shredded by a passing semi. We looped back, parked in a lot about thirty feet away, and Dementia ran over and snatched it during a lull in the traffic. The critter was eyeless and drenched (it was raining, and in the mid 40s), but otherwise intact. We let it dry out until Sunday, at which point Dementia ran him through the washer and the dryer and gave him new eyes. So now we have a new plush orca named "Ahab" (we already had an orca named "Jonah"...). Sanity optional R us.

Uncle Hyena
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