Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Fast, Prom, Dog

Three movies. Not much else. (I will relate my thoughts on Sunday's events presently.)

"Fast Five" delivers on its promises. There are cool cars, chases on foot and in cars, explosions, fist fights, gun fights... It is fun. It is also STOOPID; many of the stunts are impossible at an hilarious level. But you knew that before the lights went down, right?

"Prom" is a teen romance. It isn't great, it isn't awful, it just is. We have a fairly high tolerance for this sort of thing, and enjoyed it well enough. I WAS both amused and slightly offended by the idea that Prom is somehow wonderfully democratic; it is just as heavily focused on the school's social elite as any other dance. Still, the though of all of those kids celebrating Beltane in ignorance warms certain evil places in my heart...

"Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" is a pretty good bit of contemporary supernatural film noir. It has its flaws, certainly, but it plays with the tropes respectfully and successfully, has a decent sense of humor, and is generally a great deal of fun. It deserves a great deal more attention than it is getting (which is next to none).

Uncle Hyena
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