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Borrowed, Thor, Priest, Yogurt, Poker

I am shamefully behind. Sorry.

"Something Borrowed" is a mediocre romantic comedy involving a bulldozer, two doormats, and a jester. When the smoke clears, the bulldozer and the jester are out in the cold, and the doormats are snuggling up together somewhere. I guess this qualifies as a happy ending.

"Thor" is a lot of fun. They have chosen to present the Asgardians as extra-dimensional aliens rather than gods, which I find offensive, but is probably commercially wise. There are the usual overblown special effects, but the character interactions are a lot of fun, though Kat Dennings steals every scene she is in. This isn't a bad thing, it just makes Thor's taste in women kind of suspect.

"Priest" isn't awful. In fact, it's a lot of fun, but it feels like a story that started with a collection of really cool images of people with tattoos on their faces fighting vampires that gradually and not very logically became a story.

"I Am" is a Save-the-World documentary. It is a bit over my optimism threshold, but interesting nevertheless. There is a REALLY interesting section involving psychic yogurt...

There was a poker game on May 6, and I didn't go to it. I was just too tired and kind of sick, so I stayed home, watched some taped television, played a bit of on-line (freebie) poker, and went to bed early. In the process, I got the best hand of my poker career, a straight flush. I more than tripled my stake on the hand, but it was an ultra low stakes game, and didn't matter much (the total pot was about 145 chips, and I have nearly two million...), but it was still fun.

Uncle Hyena
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