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X, 8, Art, Green, Rend, Poker

Four movies, a poker game, and a messabout.

"X-Men: First Class" is interesting me. It irritated me in all sorts of trivial ways, but when all is said and done, I liked it. Dementia (who did not read X-Men back in the dark ages, and doesn't care about technological anachronisms) liked it a great deal more than I did. We both felt that January Jones didn't bring NEARLY enough intensity to the role of Emma Frost. (Emma and Raven are two of the most badass women in the Marvel universe, and this movie did poorly by both of them.)

"Super 8" is pretty much a remake of "E.T", player for horror. It is silly and fun, and about as deep as a coat of cheap paint.

"The Art of Getting By" is flat and a bit irritating, in spite of the increasingly luminous presence of Emma Roberts. The central character is an angst-ridden high school senior who is dealing with his internal cacophony by allowing his life to disintegrate around him. Having once been that very idiot, his behavior rings false to me, largely because the topic of suicide never comes up once. Again, Dementia liked it a great deal more than I did.

"Green Lantern" is yet another overblown, heavy on the silly mythology, superhero movie. Except... It pretty much works anyway. For the most part, the movie is so much fun that the myriad flaws simply don't matter.

Trailer comment: Michael Bay has managed to find an actress who projects stupidity even more intensely than Megan Fox to star in the new "Transformers" movie. I would not have thought this possible.

Poker on June 3 (last of the year, probably) was fun, and more of the same. I managed to finish in the money for the second tourney. The tally is, for the last six occasions: 12 tourneys, 2 wins, 5 other money finishes. Not too shabby.

The annual Rend Lake Messabout was held June 10 and 11; I had a series of misadventures on Thursday, and didn't managed to get into Mount Vernon until 1:00 AM on Friday morning. This made for a late start on Friday, but I got down to the lake and spent a few hours sailing, and a few hours kibitzing, and generally had a good time. On Saturday, I elected to leave the sail at home, and do the rounds in rowboat mode, which worked out pretty well; it is amazing how much difference having ten gallons of water at the front of the cockpit for ballast makes.

Me at the lake side, in rowboat mode: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v373/unclehyena/Boats/VectorRowRend.jpg

Uncle Hyena
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