Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Movies and a (small) Celebration

First, the more or less good news: I managed to get under 300 pounds for the first time in a long while. Now to keep progressing downward...


Friday was "Jersey Girl". Given that this was the work of the writer/director who inflicted "Dogma" on an unsuspecting world, this is an amazingly tame movie. Many funny bits, not overwhelmingly saccharine, well acted. Just a downright pleasant movie. But this is KEVIN SMITH; we were hoping for intellectual horror on the order of "Dogma's" "Buddy Christ". Only hoping, mind you, not really expecting. And it was a PLEASANT movie.

Saturday was "Ladykillers", in which it was finally settled that Tom Hanks, at his best, is no David Niven. This should surprise no one. An ok caper movie; as is usual in Coen Brothers movies, there is a significant shortage of intellect among the various characters, though not quite so great a one as in "Fargo". Fun to watch, with a few truly hilarious moments.

In other news, there is a meme in circulation that goes, "Do an image search on your first name in Google, and post your choice of what you get." "Paul" produces hundreds of boring portraits of people not me; "Uncle Hyena" produces a couple pictures of hyenas, and a couple of pictures of me; "Paul Haynie" gives twelve pictures, beginning with the portrait of an Oklahoma High School teacher a certain deranged friend mistook for me by way of facilitating her masturbatory fantasies (Gospel truth, there, and it horrifies me FAR more than it does you). But the cool part is that number 9 of those 12 is my photograph "Panoply" (better known as my journal icon) and number 10 is Serenity in orbit. I feel inordinately proud of that...

Uncle Hyena
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