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Blackout, Road Trip (Part One)

Wednesday was supposed to be an easy day. The office population was down due to the holiday, and nothing out of the ordinary was going on. And then the data center took a power hit (which is supposed to be impossible), and for the last three and a half hours of the shift we were doing damage control. I won't know what happened until I get back from vacation.

Went home, packed, loaded the car, and took off. First day was 260 miles to LaCrosse, WI, which went by easily enough. The second day (Thursday) was grueling, 585 miles to Wall, SD.

On Friday we did the obligatory tour of Wall Drug, and tootled off down the road to Deadwood, SD, which I loved; I have been telling people that if you wander through Deadwood and stop and have a shot of whiskey at every beautiful antique bar you find, you will die of alcohol poisoning. After that, we headed into Wyoming and did a flyby of Devil's Tower; we got as close as the junction of US14 and WY24, got a good look, and then got back on the road. We ended up in Sheridan, WY, 300 miles from where we started.

Saturday was another long day, 500 miles from Sheridan to Salmon, ID. There is a 6300 foot pass on the Interstate just east of Butte, MT, and right after Butte we left the Interstate and headed up into the Rockies proper, up over the 7250 foot Chief Joseph Pass, and then down into Salmon, ID. Driving over mountain roads in vehicle as sloppy as the Caravan is NOT fun. Salmon is a cool town, though, and the view of the Salmon River from the hotel window was well worth the $10 premium it cost us.

Sunday we were counting on an easy day, 250 miles into Boise. Except... 150 of those miles were switchback hell, all of it over 6000 feet, four hours of white knuckled driving while suffering from mild altitude sickness (Note to self: NEVER fly; time at 8000 feet equivalent pressure may not kill you, but it will certainly make you want to die.)(Second note to self: Altitude sickness at 6000 feet says UGLY things about your physical condition; FIX IT.)

Today, we hung out in Boise with Dementia's parents and visited the Peregrine Fund's World Center for Birds of Prey; I got to look a bald eagle in the eye from about six feet away, among other things. It's a cool place. This evening we went to the movies with Dementia's sister-in-law and niece, and we saw "Horrible Bosses", a thoroughly mediocre R-rated comedy.

More hanging out and laundry tomorrow, and the Wednesday we hit the road again.

Uncle Hyena
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